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Sep 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
. but also he cares a lot about the fact that we're in a near confrontation with israel, iraq is unravel elg because we didn't leave the residual force. karzai is acting more and more aberrational. the president of the united states has not said a single word on behalf of the syrians, 20,000 of whom have been massacred. >> the point we keep hearing from -- in republican circles, that a deferential policy or policy of appeasement or apology, it's hard for me to really connect the dots on such a volatile place, that there's a cause and effect there. is it political or is there something to that? >> i don't think it's appeasement. i think the president of the united states does not believe in american exceptionalism. when a million and a half iranians were demonstrating in 2009, obama, obama, are you with us o or with them, he did basically nothing. in the face of the 30,000 killed and massacred in syria, there's no leadership. in the case of iraq, we should have left a residual force. i can tell you it's unraveling, the latest being maliki allowing iranians to overfly iraq and bring weapons in
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
the iraq war and got punished for it, but you never really turned on like so many people that leave an administration and then they're bitter and go back and say something, you had never done that even though i think you were treated badly. >> well, i was fortunate to be able to serve. >> all right. they call it squawkward box at times. >> 9/11 was tough, as well. >> 9/11. what was your capacity in that? >> nac director. and i was -- i remember the secret service running down the halls saying run, run, run incoming plane. that's kind of a memory that sticks with you too. >> people don't remember the market cap loss was trillions that week. >> well, the president came -- when the president came in to office, president bush, we had 6 trillion in equity market losses that president bush inherited from herpredecessor. everything was great in the '90s. >> the internet bubble. >> the blue chip bubble. >> valued at 50 times earnings. >> had all come down and there was economic, looks like a minor crisis at the time but it felt like a big one. so it goes with the territory, and i think the
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
and iraq, and the drawdown. i have to call the pentagon and see if they'll give us a general idea on spending. we have been chronicling over the last 11 years the complete inability of the government to count what the government spends and/or hires, it's been a source of amazing frustration. i get they have trouble with the private sector but you'd think they'd get the hiring of government officials or government workers to be right. on the claims number, a little bit towards the things are getting a little better number. rick, i didn't see the continuing claims number. some economists were looking for that gauge for how they do on what their sense of unemployment is as well. >> i'll run and check it while you keep talking. i have to move out of frame. there were so many data points today that we scrolled right off our screen on that one. continuation claims were 3.27 million. >> some economists use that to suggest what is happening with the unemployment rate, ticked down from call it 3.3 in august, now 3.2. some question as to whether or not, let me just say if there's anything f
Sep 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
engaged in the war on terror, he has not only removed our forces from iraq, doing the is aimin afghanistan and he's also, through his efforts, but through the bravery really of a lot of special operations forces and military personnel have dealt sop serious blows to al qaeda. >> there's a fine line in terms of how you play that in terms of people arguing that he's politicizing that. >> that's i think always the situation. i think the first thing you do have to recognize is that at the point of the spear as they say quite accurately are young americans, men and women who fight with courage, valor and distinction. they deserve the lion's share of the credit. ultimately the decisions have to be made by a president and they have to be made understanding the sacrifices those young men and women make every day. this man made critical the size of the effective decisions. >> it's been a while and the term tax cuts for the wealthy, we just had one of the president's former deputy press secretaries and literally i think he said tax cuts for the wealthy about 10 or 12 times in the space of a three-mi
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
is a big part of our individual success, which is something that when we look at, say, a country like iraq where we've been at war, the emphasis on the rebuilding process is on creating institutions and civil society and rule of law and all the things that allow individual enterprise to prosper. that's the point the democrats were making and they're trying to drive that home. >> do you have any color on this whole god/jerusalem practice? is that how you pronounce? >> joe talked about it yesterday. platforms are of greatest interest to political opponents of either party, of the republicans in tampa, of the democrats here in charlotte, because they're statements by activists that get put down. they kind of felt the on rushing linebackers on god ander rus is a limb. they called an audible and put the phrases back in even though some of the delegates on the floor didn't like it, there was booing, false starts. i've got to tell you that's not the best color from yesterday. >> what's the color? >> the best color was after doing larry kudlow's show last night i went to a party near the conventio
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5